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Formatori: Tiina Arrankoski e Lucia Bacci, formatori autorizzati del metodo Spiral Stabilization (SPS).

Per informazioni:


La formazione del metodo Spiral Stabilization presso lo Studio ErgonMotus rispetta il piano internazionale di formazione del metodo, presentato qui sotto.

I titoli ufficiali utilizzati:

- SPS Instructor: numero di ore di formazione frequentato:32 h

- SPS Trainer: formazione minimo 64 h

- SPS Therapist: formazione minimo 192 h

- SPS Teacher: formazione minimo 256 h

Prossimi corsi di formazione.

Per saperne di più, clicca sul metodo o sull’attività che ti interessa.



1. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D) – 32 educational hours

Introduction to the SPS method – prevention, regeneration

Principles of the method, basic exercises, basic massage and manual techniques

Causes leading to overstressing of the spine, prevention, regeneration, condition.

2. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 2A, 2B) – 32 educational hours

Lumbar and cervical spine – treatment using the SPS method

Causes of prolapse of the intervertebral discs, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, application of exercises, massage and manual therapy for treatment.

3. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 3A, 3B) – 32 educational hours

3A – Upper limb – treatment using the SPS method Carpal tunnel, epicondylitis radialis, ulnaris, painful shoulder syndrome – cervicobrachial syndrome

3B – Lower limb – treatment using the SPS method Flat feet, bunion, hammer toes, calcar calcanei, gonarthrosis, coxarthrosis.

4. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 4A, 4B) – 32 educational hours

Muscle chains – treatment, prevention and conditioning using the SPS method.

Spiral muscle chains, vertical muscle chains. Application for treatment, regeneration and sport.

5. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 5A, 5B) – 32 educational hours

Scoliosis – treatment using the SPS method

5A. Growth period 6-18 years old - possibility of complete compensation of the curve. Period following growth (up to 25 years old) – possibility of compensation of muscle imbalance caused by corset therapy

5B. Middle age – development of degeneration – disc prolapses. Older age – spinal stenosis, cor kyphoscolioticum.

6. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 6A, 6B+C) – 32 educational hours

Vertebrovisceral relations – treatment using the SPS method

6A. Cervicocranial syndrome – headaches, cervicogenic vertigo

6B. Cardiovascular system, pulmonary system, metabolic syndrome

6C. Urogenital system – functional sterility, chronic inflammations, impotence, incontinence

7. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 7A, 7B) – 32 educational hours

Sport – training using the SPS method

Condition, improving performance, regeneration, compensation

8. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 8A, 8B) – 32 educational hours

SPS Method Teacher, level 1 and 2 – prevention, treatment using the SPS method

Revision and perfection of the exercises, manual therapy, principles, teaching methodology for courses.

Teacher: level 1. Teaching methodology for courses 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D. (The teacher must have completed 256 hours of SPS education).

Teacher: level 2. Teaching methodology for courses 1 and 2. (The teacher must have completed 640 hours of SPS education).

9. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 9A, 9B) – 32 educational hours

Revision of exercises – exercising using the SPS method, treatment, prevention, condition

Muscle analysis, exercises according to muscle analysis, stabilization of exercises through the chains, exercise for different age and performance groups.

10. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 10A, 10B) – 32 educational hours

Revision of massage and manual technique - treatment, prevention, condition

Basic techniques in lying, sitting and standing positions, techniques for the neck area, orofacial area, chest and pelvis, techniques for the upper and lower limbs.

Relationships between exercises and manual techniques.

11. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 11A, 11B) – 32 educational hours

Rehabilitation in rheumatology and neurology – in preparation

12. Course – 4 days (or 2x2 days 12A, 12B) – 32 educational hours

Functional X-ray, MR, and CT diagnostics – in preparation


Course for doctors – indications for the SPS in health care (4 days - or 2x2 days - course)

Principles of the SPS methods, indications for treatment of spinal disorders, disorders of the locomotor apparatus and disorders of the functioning of the internal organs.

Regeneration program for doctors – eliminating the negative factors caused by the medical profession

For other courses contact the National Teacher of your country.

Video: Esercizi del metodo Spiral Stabilization con Tiina Arrankoski e Lucia Bacci